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About Me

I am sure you have guessed by now but my name is Lexie. I am from Bristol, England. Born in 1992. 

I am obsessed with self development and believe in three things:

Health, Wealth & Happiness

Scroll down to see what they mean to me. If you share any of these views with me, stick around and share your journey to fulfilling each one in your life.

Your purpose in life is to grow and give
— Melissa Ambrosini


To me, health includes looking after my physical health. Keeping my mental health in check. Looking after my body, starting with a change in my diet and exercise habits. 


I think it is important to have a career that you love, that offers you the lifestyle that you deserve. Finances are also important to live a free and happy life.


Happiness is a loving relationship, being surrounded in beautiful things and feeling fulfilled. Happiness is seeing the world.